My stories, both mainstream and erotic, originate on the fantasy continent of Jarra. They take place in a world much like our own… except that its creators birthed arcane, inhuman beings in their own image, and then lapsed into eternal slumber.  These stories range from fantasy adventure to fantasy romance, and may include some elements of horror.

Expicitly erotic stories are written under the pen name Yancy Ball.

Why write these stories? 

I imagine these characters and their stories whether I write them or not. It gives me pleasure to share them with others.  I hope that they engage the senses and emotions of the reader as much as they do the writer.  Writing is a craft. The more I learn by doing, the better I hope to achieve that hope.

My fiction is written in an African milieu because as a kid I yearned for stories that had characters that looked like me, especially in fantasy and science fiction.  My goal is to show both the diversity and the universality of the human experience – of beliefs, of cultures and technologies.

I am inspired by many other writers, but the most obvious inspirations are the “Sword and Soul” stories of the late Charles Saunders and the concept of the “Heroine’s Journey”, especially as it emphasizes the building of relationships and community, and the questioning of gender roles.

You can also check out my author interview at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/yibala