This is a map of the Sung Valley and Nubic Kingdoms, where Zhura’s journey in the While the Gods Slumber series begins and ends.

More maps and goodies to come…


Short Articles on Jarra

A couple of years ago, I wrote up introductory background articles on World Anvil (WA).  I haven’t kept up with my page there, but I like the WA platform and may return to it when I figure out how to integrate it with other content I’m creating.

If you’re into world-building (as I am) you may find those articles of interest.  One discusses religion and magic generally, and the other covers the realm of the  Nubic Kingdoms.  The Nubic Kingdoms play a central role in my stories thus far as the land where the While the Gods Slumber series comes to a close, and the setting for Whisper’s upcoming novel.