War Dance

“We don’t have a lot of stories like this one. Set in a fantasy Africa that has never been colonized, it is a romantic, erotic sword and sorcerer tale, with an evil queen, slavers, enemies who fall in love, sex, lots of fighting and crocodiles. I enjoyed it a bunch.”

Eleanor Arneson, Winner of the Otherwise and Mythopoetic Society Awards

Yafi is on the run.  Separated from her fellow rebels after a battle that went terribly wrong, she is being hunted by Foundlings, the elite soldiers of the tyrant Queen Catamori.  But when the Ancestors bless her and she captures one of them, she will begin to learn about life beyond war – what it means to mourn and to truly remember.

Kuko believes that his first combat as a Foundling will ease his conscience and assure him that his cause is just.  Instead, he finds himself bound to Yafi, dependent upon her to survive. He begins to see the world through different eyes.

Yafi and Kuko embark upon a journey that takes them across the vast Lake Kongo on a mission to free her companions from captivity.  Together they will discover trust, love, and how to become something more than the warriors they were raised to be.

War Dance is available on Kindle Unlimited!