January 2023

Greetings and Happy New Year!  This site was down for much of 2022 due to technical issues, and for that, I apologize.   I’ve begun to update the site with all of the new content from last year, including a couple of new Free Stories and the final books of the While The Gods Slumber series.  Going forward, expect to see new updates and additions more regularly here.  I’d like to maintain this website as a reliable source for folks who want to follow my writing, especially given Twitter’s uncertain future.

As to what I am currently writing, I have a Yancy Ball Jarra novel in the works that follows a new character, Whisper.  You can meet Whisper in the final While the Gods Slumber story, Convergence, or read Whisper’s first story here.

During the latter part of 2022, I developed an Afrosurrealist short story into a novel, and I am currently finishing that novel before I look for an agent.  It is set in the early years of the Harlem Renaissance, has elements of cosmic horror and romance, and is a celebration of the art and culture of the period.  This will be a Dominique Marks title (i.e., non-erotica). I’d love to have it out early this year, but since its publishing route is currently unknown, that may not happen.  However, look for excerpts and updates about its progress.

Finally, as a another means of keeping folks informed on my writing, 2023 is the year I plan to get my newsletter up and running!  If you’ve signed up for the newsletter already, great!  Expect to get updates on my stories, excerpts, and my thoughts/recommendations on related pop culture.  I’m also excited to plug and recommend other writers you may enjoy.  There are amazing stories out there, especially in the fantasy erotica realm, that deserve more attention.


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