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The Half’s Way

The Half’s Way is a story that I submitted to Literotica’s Leinyere shared fantasy world event in January 2022.  You can find the original novella here and find other fabulous stories from the event on Literotica by searching with “Leinyere” as a tag.

The Half’s Way, therefore, does not take place my world of Jarra.  However, it has many of the elements I explore in my Jarra stories.  The Heroine’s Journey, issues of identity  and cultural difference, and rollicking fantasy adventure.  The Half’s Way is the beginning novella of a short series that I published in early 2022 called Shauba’s Tale.

Shauba is a half-orc woodcutter torn between human and orc cultures, looking for her place in the world.  Her stories contain more profanity and violence than the Jarra stories, but also plenty of humor, romance and erotic encounters.  I recommend them if this kind of story interests you, as a window to my own journey developing as a writer.

The revised and published version of the The Half’s Way is entirely FREE on Smashwords, downloadable in multiple formats.  If you want to read the rest of Shauba’s Tale – Heist at Highridge, and The Fulcrum – can be purchased there as well as on B&N, Kobo, and other retailers.  On Amazon, The Half’s Way is included with the second novella, Heist at Highridge.


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